First Milk, Pembrokeshire

Heineken – Royal Brewery
March 18, 2019
New Little Mill, Manchester
March 16, 2019


Grocott Construction Ltd




First Milk, Haverford West


4 Months


The works involved the removal of diary and milking production lines on an existing production site. Demolition works were undertaken internally and externally. External works comprised the removal of the existing cooling towers and storage tanks – internally production lines and equipment were removed. Within the building there were numerous live pipes which were to remain live during and after the demolition works. The Client was tasked with clearly marking these pipes before the works began. Externally there was also various pipes and tanks which remained live during the demolition works.
The demolition works were undertaken within a commercially active environment and had to adopt the Client’s on-site health and safety, traffic management and behavioral policies. The segregation of the works and NBDC’s operatives from the existing environment was paramount. Dust control measures were critical, and the working area had to be segregated from the surrounding production areas in order to minimise cross contamination. Plant and equipment that was to be removed had to be purged by the Client prior to removal.

All live services were disconnected from the building and any live services originally passing through the building were re-routed – this work was carried out by a services contractor appointed by the Client. The Client provided paperwork for all work carried out whilst the position of any live services passing close to the work areas were suitably highlighted. There were several pipes running through the building which remained live during the works.

Works Involved

  • Removal of diary production lines
  • Internal and external demolition
  • Removal of cooling tanks & storage tanks
  • Works carried out in close proximity to live services
  • Dust mitigation measures critically used
  • Plant removed and purged