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March 12, 2019
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March 10, 2019


Airedale International Air Conditioning






5 Months


Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd have a main production and testing facility on Leeds Road, in Rawdon, Leeds. A fire in September 2013 caused extensive damage to this facility, in particular, to large areas of the upper floor. Some of the lower levels remained largely intact and remained in use by the Client. The oldest part of the facility, “The Old Mill” was constructed circa 1913 and the facility had been considerably extended and upgraded to approximately 23,000m2 of Gross Internal Floor Area. Due to an extensive fire the facility had to be demolished in order that a replacement factory could be constructed in its place. The scope of the demolition works comprised the demolition of the entire factory and associated buildings, including the removal of all ground slabs and foundations. It also includes the removal of existing services and the capping of these at a point designated by Airedale’s Design Team. Within the factory there was a large amount of equipment and material, some of which had been fire damaged. Asbestos had been identified in the main office area and a separate project was undertaken to remove the asbestos prior to any demolition works.
The site is bounded by the A65, tenanted farms, and residences. The site itself also houses a Multiple Sclerosis treatment centre which was to remain accessible during the demolition works. Once the demolition has been completed there was an extensive site remediation process undertaken that included removal of contaminated ground and the crushing and stockpiling of concrete arisings for future use by the follow on Main Contractor.

Works Involved

  • Asbestos Survey
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Demolition
  • Grubbing up Slabs & Foundations
  • Crushing and Stockpiling