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Experts in demolition.

Northbank Demolition Company Manchester:

Northbank was originally founded from our Manchester office covering from Birmingham to the furthest tip of Scotland. With a team with over 185 years combined knowledge, this has provided Northbank the expertise to take on some of the largest and most intricate demolition schemes in the country. It is with this experience that Northbank Demolition Company are now considered the "Go To" demolition company for many Blue Chip Companies. Northbank have acquired extensive experience working with insurance companies and councils dealing with fire damaged or impact damaged buildings. With a response time of less than an hour we can mobilise our emergency team and machinery and provide a service that our core clients can rely on. It is with this drive for client satisfaction that we now receive between 5 and 10 calls a week requesting our attendance to such works.

Northbank Demolition Company London:

In 2017 we opened up our London office reflecting the interest shown in our ability to deal with complex and demanding projects from many Blue Chip companies in the South. The southern team have the experience and knowledge required to work in and around the London areas. With a team that includes estimators, contract managers and a dedicated QS department has allowed Northbank to grow the business in the Southeast of the country.

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